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about bold bark

Bold Bark dog day care in Blackburn is a purpose built day care centre set within 200 acres of our family farm. Our aim is to offer a challenging experience and environment with lots to keep your pups entertained.


Dogs are ultimately very social creatures, they rely on companionship as well as mental and physical stimulation.


We have two outdoor secure dog runs, one of which is our scented trail and has been planted with young trees. This was specifically designed as part of our enrichment programme, to really challenge the dog’s senses. Daily activities that are part of our dog day care will take place in here including treat puzzles and hiding toys. We have a wide range of agility equipment to be used from weaving poles to jumps and tunnels and when the weather really takes a turn for the worse our indoor area is also packed with fun.


At Bold Bark we understand busy work schedules leave you feeling guilty that perhaps you have not had the time you wanted to spend exercising your dog or even you don’t want to leave them alone for hours on end. Our dog day care is the perfect solution. We want all our dogs to leave feeling socially fulfilled, happy and tired.


Before you can enrol your pups, an in-depth behavioural assessment takes place, this is to ensure day care is the right environment for your dog. During that time the new dog is constantly monitored and assessed to ensure the dog is happy and remains happy. Please do not be offended if we feel day care is not the best environment for your dog. Some dogs who are nervous anxious or even over excitable may not settle in to our environment. The happiness of all the dogs in our care is paramount.


We even have an onsite grooming salon, yes we really do tick all the boxes. We tailor grooms to suit each individual. From pet trims to show grooms or just a good scrub.

How did Bold Bark start?

Having previously owned two very successful dog grooming businesses and talking to clients we realised there was a massive lack of doggy day care centres that have a lot of wide-open space. After much discussions and raising two little boys in between we decided to set up a country loving dog day care centre on our family farm.


The project has been more than a year in the making myself and partner Peter built the whole site up from what was a boggy bale storage area. Setting up a new business in the middle of a pandemic has definitely been a daunting experience. But are super excited for what is to come.  



What's the day to day life of Bold Bark dog?


We have a daily routine in place, while the structure of the routine will stay the same the activities and adventure trails will be changed regularly. We like to keep everybody guessing.


Throughout the day they will be enjoying the purpose-built indoor and outdoor runs two of site lead walks and whatever other activities we have planned for that particular day. Don’t worry we also have scheduled rest time, our fully insulated heated snug is the best place to be after a fun filled morning to recharge for what the afternoon has in store.

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